Kechi2LP Jewels Kechara H – (Jewels Kreation x  Trinity’s Yellow Lilly) – ASPC # 161281.  2009 Cremello shetland mare. Color tested – ee, Aa, CrCr.  Red, one agouti, homozygous cream. 38″ tall.

DNA on file – ASPC & University of Kentucky.

“Kechi” was bred by Henry & Liz Siemers of Iowa and arrived home to LP Painted Ponys in September 2009.

LP Jewels Kechara H LP Jewel Kechara H

Kechi’s Pedigree

Kechi was started ground driving as a 2 yr old. At 3 yrs of age, she was driven single to a cart with a pleasure harness. She was sold in 2013 and was backed, but not ridden much.  In February 2016, she returned home to LP Painted Ponys. In 2016, Kechi is expecting her first foal.

Kechi’s Photo Album

Kechi’s Produce

JynxLP Painted Krmel Jynx T – LP Painted T Krmel Jynx
13 May 2016 buckskin Tobiano mare
Deceased 25 April 2017
By: Toro – LP Painted Toro
Bay Tobiano Shetland


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