Wa-Full Koalah’s Silver Fluff – (Wa-Full Koalah’s Spring x Wa-Full Prince Feather Babe) – ASPC #146383A , PtHA # 113907Y. 1998 Silver Dapple Tobiano shetland mare. Color tested – EE, aa, nZ, Tt. Homozygous black, no agouti, single silver, single tobiano. Negative for Sabino (SB1). 43″ tall (10.3 hh).

DNA on file – ASPC & University of Kentucky.

Wa-Full Koalahs Silver Fluff
Wa-Full Koalahs Silver Fluff

Koalah’s Pedigree

“Koalah” was purchased from Luwanna Day of Double Day Miniatures arriving at LP Painted Ponys on 21 September 2009.

I had seen pictures of Koalah, she was related to our stallion and I wanted to bring those bloodlines back in AND she was supposed to be only 38″ tall (double registered as a Miniature Horse). So when we put together our trip to the Mid-West to pick up a load of ponies, Koalah’s shipping from Utah to Iowa was added and in September 2009 she came home. When loading her into the trailer, she seemed huge – but it was hard to compare when I was in an unfamiliar trailer and the others weren’t cooperative. SURPRISE – at home she was 5″ taller (& equally broader with more substance) than the mare she was purchased to match and drive with.

No matter – I’d fallen in love with her already. She did learn to drive – single, pair with different partners and multiple hitches. She also was previously used as a lead line pony and it didn’t take long before she could be ridden by herself off line.

She came bred and produced a solid colored colt for us. Paired with “Iggy”, we have 3 silver tobiano daughters to continue on with. Sadly, we lost an awesome filly by “Wizard” in the fall of 2015 but hopefully we will have another. We plan on breeding her to “Echo” for a future foal.

Koalah’s Photo Album

1998 Shetland mare

Koalah’s Produce

LP Painted Guinness T Stout

Guinness – LP Painted Guinness T Stout
17 March 2017 Bay Tobiano Stallion
By: LP Painted Toro – Bay Tobiano Shetland

LP Painted Kava Wiz

Kava – LP Painted Kava Wiz 5 June
2015 Bay Tobiano Mare Deceased 28 Sept 2015
By: Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard – Bay Tobiano Shetland

lp painted silver bunny

“Bunny” – LP Painted Silver Bunny
2 April 2013 Silver Tobiano Mare
By: All That Style N Class – Silver Tobiano Shetland

LP Painted SilverNshamrock

“Shamrock” – LP Painted ShamrockNsilver
13 March 2012 Silver Tobiano Mare
By: All That Style N Class – Silver Tobiano Shetland

LP Painted FlashNfluff

“Flashi” – LP Painted FlashNfluff
11 April 2011 Silver Tobiano Mare
By: All That Style N Class – Silver Tobiano Shetland

LP May Day Ranger

Ranger – LP MayDay Ranger
1 May 2010 Silver Gelding
By: Curry’s Numero UnoPalomino Shetland

Double Days Bolt Action

Bolt – Doubleday’s Bolt Action
2009 Black Tobiano Gelding
By: Hopwood’s JJ Bridger – Black Tobiano Shetland

Curry's Lady Diane

Diane – Curry’s Lady Diane
2006 Silver Bay Tobiano Mare
By: Jan’s General Jim – Bay Tobiano Shetland

Sir Prize – Curry’s Silver Sir Prize
2005 Silver Tobiano Gelding
By: Cheg-Kim’s Maximus – Chestnut Tobiano Shetland



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