KoKo - LP KoKo Pagasus HLP KoKo Pagasus H – (Showman’s Pagasus x Showman’s Dapple Spring 01 H).  ASPC # 161280.  2009 Silver shetland mare. Color tested – Ee, aa, Zn.   41″ tall.

DNA on file – ASPC & University of Kentucky.

 KoKo was bred by Henry & Liz Siemers of Iowa and arrived home to LP Painted Ponys on 21 September 2009.

LP KoKo Pagasus H LP KoKo Pagasus H

KoKo’s Pedigree

KoKo was started ground driving as a 2 yr old.  At 3 yrs of age, she was driving single to a cart with a pleasure harness.  She also was working in work harness – logging both single and as a pair with Cupid.

KoKo’s Photo Album

KoKo - LP Koko Pagasus H

2009 Shetland Mare


KoKo’s Produce

Kappy - LP Painted Kappaccino TKappy” – LP Painted Kappucchino T
4 August 2018 Silver Tobiano Stallion
By: Toro – LP Painted Toro
Breed Date: In pasture late July 2017

Koal - LP Painted CharKoal EKoal” – LP Painted CharKoal E
13 May 2016 Black Tobiano Gelding
By: EchoLP Painted AJs Echo
Black Homozygous Tobiano Shetland


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