Mati - LP Painted Corazon MatadoraLP Painted Corazon Matadora (LP Painted Toro x LP Painted Classical Bell) – 18 August 2018.  Black tobiano shetland filly. Not color tested – E?, T?.

DNA – Pending

Mati was born at LP Painted Ponys in Cameron, NC.

Mati - LP Painted Corazon Matadora Mati - LP Painted Corazon Matadora

Mati’s Pedigree

Mati is a good looking filly for a first foal.  Her front legs are back at the knee a bit, but will soon strengthen.  Then we’ll see how she truly moves.  She should make both an awesome riding and driving pony.

Mati’s Photo Album

Mati - LP Painted Corazon Matadora

2018 mare


Bell, Cheri, ‘Clipse, Ellona, Flower, GG
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