LP Painted Nalani TLP Painted Nalani T (LP Painted Toro x Buckeye WCF Classical Eclipse) –  30 April 2017.  Bay tobiano shetland mare. Not color tested – E?, A?, T?

DNA – pending

“Nalani” was born at LP Painted Ponys in Cameron, NC.

LP Painted Nalani T LP Painted Nalani T

Nalani’s Pedigree

Nalani’s name stems from the fascination with the newest Disney flick – Moana.  “Nalani” means “the Heavens”.  She is a super nice, big filly.  We are waiting to see how she “unfolds”, but believe she will be an awesome, larger riding and driving mare (like her 1/2 sister “Cheri” and her dam ‘Clipse are becoming).

Nalani’s Photo Album


Bell, Cheri, ‘Clipse, Eclipse, Ellona, Flower, GG
Kechi, Koalah, KoKo, Stuffy, Taff, Tory

Ami, B-B, Blitzen, Bunny, Chylly
Classy, Flashi, Mati, NALANI, Shamrock