Riddler2LP Painted Riddle Me Wiz (Buckeye WCF Classical Wizard x Buckeye WCF Classical Eclipse) – 29 September 2015. Bay tobiano shetland stallion. Not color tested – E?, A?, T?.

DNA – pending


LP Painted Riddle Me W LP Painted Riddle Me W

Riddler’s Pedigree

Riddler is a sharp moving colt that will make an all around great pony.

September 2016 – Riddler has been removed from our Sales List as he was found to be a double cryptorchid (no testicles down when taken in to be castrated).  He will be checked periodically throughout 2017 to see if both testicles descend – I’ve been told that some Mini/Shetland stallions have taken up to 3 years to drop.  After they’ve dropped, those stallions did go on to sire foals with no issues.  At this time, we are not taking steps to register him with the ASPC and IF his testicles descend, he’ll be gelded and sold as a grade pony.

Riddler’s Photo Album


Echo, Toro, Wizard