Shamrock2LP Painted SilverNshamrock – (All That Style N Class x Wa-full Koalahs Silver Fluff).  ASPC #163471; FC #5826. 2012 Silver Dapple Tobiano shetland mare. Color – EE, aa, Z?, T?  

DNA  – pending

Shamrock was born in Lillington. 2nd in a line of 3 full sisters.

LP Painted ShamrockNsilver LP Painted ShamrockNsilver

Shamrock’s Pedigree

Shamrock was born just 2 weeks before Classy was born to Bell.  The 2 1/2 sisters went out with their dams while we went to driving events and hung out together in the pasture.  Now, in 2016, they still can often be found together in the pastures.  They will be started in driving at the same time – this summer.

Shamrock’s Photo Album


Bell, Cheri, ‘Clipse, Eclipse, Ellona, Flower, GG
Kechi, Koalah, KoKo, Stuffy, Taff, Tory

Ami, B-B, Blitzen, Bunny, Chylly
Classy, Flashi, Mati, Nalani, Shamrock