SR Mares


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Bell “Bell”
Little Jim’s Silver Bell
1992 Silver Shetland Mare
ASPC # 140529A ; Foundation Certified

Cheri “Cheri”
Dynamic’s Classical Cherishthemoment
2009 Bay Tobiano Shetland Mare
ASPC # 158227; Foundation Certified

Buckeye WCF Classical Eclipse “Clipse”
Buckeye WCF Classical Eclipse
2003 Bay tobiano Shetland Mare
ASPC # 151880A; Foundation Certified

Eclipse - Captain's Melia Eclipse
Showman’s Melia
2007 Black Shetland Mare
ASPC # 158596

LP Ellona “Ellona”
LP Ellona
2008 Bay Arabian Mare

LP Painted Fleur-de-Lis“Flower”
LP Painted Fleur-de-Lis
2009 Silver Bay Tobiano Shetland Mare
1/2 Shetland; 1/4 Arabian; 1/4 Hackney pony – not registered

LP Painted Silver Toy H “GG”
LP Painted Silver Toy H
2010 Silver Tobiano Shetland Mare
ASPC # 162406 ; Foundation Certified

LP Jewels Kechara H “Kechi”
LP Jewels Kechara H
2009 Cremello Shetland Mare
ASPC # 161281

Wa-Full Koalahs Silver Fluff “Koalah”
Wa-Full Koalah’s Silver Fluff
1998 Silver Tobiano Shetland Mare
ASPC # 146383A

“KoKoKoKo - LP KoKo Pagasus H
LP KoKo Pagasus H
2009 Silver Shetland Mare
ASPC # 161280

LP Painted StuffNpuf “Stuffy”
LP Painted Puff N Stuf
1996 Silver Tobiano Shetland Mare
ASPC # 146145A

Showmans Buckwheat H “Taff”
Showman’s Buckwheat H
2008 Silver Buckskin Shetland Mare
ASPC # 159704

Cherry-Hill Olympic Victory “Tory”
Cherry-Hill Olympic Victory
2002 Chestnut Tobiano Shetland Mare
ASPC # 150663A; Foundation Certified