Showman's Buckwheat HShowman’s Buckwheat H – (Captain’s Show-Man x Pagasus’s Belle Tone).  ASPC #159704.  2008 Silver Buckskin Mare.  Color testing in 2017 (E?, Aa, CRcr, Zz). 41″ tall.

DNA – pending

Taff arrived at LP Painted Ponys from Bellevue Farm (McCalls) in Underwood, IA on Mother’s Day weekend 2012.

Showman's Buckwheat H Showman's Buckwheat H

Taff’s Pedigree

Taff was bred by Henry Seimers and is a grand daughter of our “Bell” (Little Jim’s Silver Bell).  We were quite excited to bring her home, not knowing the big project she would become.  She was used to being a wild, unhandled pasture pony and that’s what she prefers staying as.

We’ve done some work with her, we’re working on getting her paperwork straightened out and hope to get a foal or two from her, that can join our pairs/teams, in the near future.

Taff’s Photo Album

Taff’s Produce

LP Painted NymbusNymbus – LP Painted Nymbus
1 March 2017 Shetland Stallion
Silver Bay Tobiano
By: LP Painted Toro
Breed Date: 19 February until 23 March 2016

Taff12coltUnnamed” – LP Gold Freckle Royalle
21 May 2012 Palomino Stallion – Deceased 24 May 2012
By: McCall’s Royal Freckles
Chestnut Sabino Shetland


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