LP Painted Toro

LP Painted Toro (WF Action Jackson x Magic Place Resida) – 2011 Bay Tobiano shetland stallion. Not color tested – E?, Aa, T?. ? black, 1 agouti, ? Tobiano. 41″ tall.

DNA – pending.

Born at LP Painted Ponys in Lillington, NC.


LP Painted Toro lp painted toro

Toro’s Pedigree

Toro was born in 2011 and was sold in 2013.   February 2016, he’s back at LP Painted Ponys. Toro is the 4th AJ/Magic foal and the 3rd son.  He should follow right along in his siblings’ hoof prints – becoming a great riding and driving pony.

Toro’s Photo Album

Toro will be gelded towards the end of March, 2016.  He was running with “Kechi”(LP Jewel’s Kechara H – cremello mare) and she will foal in 2016.  After arriving at LP Painted Ponys, he went into a pen with Taff (Showman’s Buckwheat H – silver buckskin mare) and we may have a foal in 2017 as well.

On March 23rd, two days before his castration date, Toro got out with the Sr mares.  We couldn’t catch him at first – he knew all the tricks.  He also completely took apart fencing that really wasn’t meant to be taken apart by a pony.  We left him with the mares – removing Bell and Bit and putting them in with the Jr Mares, putting Wizard and Echo in with Taff.  So from March 23rd to July 23rd he ran with Cheri, ‘Clipse, K-La, Koalah and Tory.  During this time, he did get caught several times and handled, groomed, wormed and hooves trimmed.  On July 23rd, he was put into the round pen but wasn’t happy so ‘Clipse was put in the round pen with him (pretty sure she is already in foal).

On September 16, 2016, Toro went to his castration appointment.  He was found to be a cryptorchid and was not castrated while we research who can do the surgery (major surgery – involving opening the abdomen and searching for the missing testicle) and at what cost.  He has been removed from our Sales List.

 Toro’s Foals


Hopper, Guinness, Nymbus