Tory2Cherry-Hill Olympic Victory (Flaby’s Mr. Chips x Cherry Hill Olympic Glory) – ASPC # 150663A.  2002 Chestnut Tobiano shetland mare. Color testedee, Aa, Tt.   Red, one bay agouti & one Tobiano gene. 40″ tall.

DNA on file – ASPC & University of Kentucky.

Tory was purchased from Jem-Cyn’s Lone Pine Shetlands in Tonasket, WA & arrived at LP Painted Ponys 10 September 2010.

Cherry-Hill Olympic Victory Cherry-Hill Olympic Victory

Tory’s Pedigree

Tory was purchased to bring in some different Foundation lines and arrived in foal to MO Shock N Awe, EDV.

Tory is an interesting girl.  She often gets more uptight and upset the longer you keep her up and handle her – so we go with what works best for her – little handling.  She stands tied for feeding and medicating (vet can get Cog/RV), some light grooming.  HATES farrier work and it’s now been 4 years since her last official farrier trim.  I have been able to trim her front hooves myself – about 2x a year.  The rest of the time – she breaks off on her own and YES, she sometimes gets a bit long.

We are currently retaining her 2013 AJ son, Echo, for our future breeding stallion.  She will be bred to Wizard for future foals.  She is an excellent “nanny” pony for the current crop of 2015 foals to include producing milk and nursing them even though she hadn’t produced a foal in 2015!  Nursed Kava from June thru September, Riddler from Sep thru December & now Blitzen from Dec to current.

Tory’s Photo Album

Tory’s Produce

LP Painted T Olympic TricksterTrixie– LP Painted Olympic Trickster
28 March 2017 Bay Tobiano Mare
Deceased – 25 April 2017
By: LP Painted Toro
Bay Tobiano Shetland

Echo - 2013 stallionEcho – LP Painted AJs Echo
10 April 2013 Black Homozygous Tobiano Stallion
By:  AJ – WF Action Jackson
Black Homozygous Tobiano Shetland

LP Painted Mo-OlympusOly -LP Painted MO-Olympus
4 May 2011 Bay Tobiano Gelding
By: MO Shock N Awe, EDV
Bay Tobiano Shetland

Jenn-Cyns Knight HawkKnight – Jem~Cyns Knight Hawk
2010 Black Tobiano Gelding
By: MO Shock N Awe, EDV
Bay Tobiano Shetland

Jyn-Cyn's SteppnOutNstyleBling – Jem~Cyns SteppnoutNstyle
2009 Bay Tobiano Gelding
By: MO Shock N Awe, EDV
Bay Tobiano Shetland

Jen-Cyn's Wind WalkerWind Walker – Jem~Cyns Wind Walker
2008 Chestnut Tobiano Gelding
By: CS Perfect Parfait
Black Tobiano Shetland

Image for pony foal“Cinnamon”
2007 Chestnut Tobiano Mare
By: CS Perfect Parfait
Black Tobiano Shetland


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